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Meet Paige | North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I’ve been friends with Paige for a while now.  She’s a talented wedding photographer based in North Carolina.  Her business is Paige Overturf Photography!  We leave comments on each other’s blog posts, like one another’s Facebook statuses and Instagram pictures, and even occasionally tweet back and forth.  Okay, so we may have been “social media” friends only, but we finally had the opportunity to meet in Atlanta while Paige was here!  She is just as exuberant and fun as you might think from reading her blog.

We started off at Starbucks and literally ran around the streets of downtown Atlanta trying to find the biggest parking deck to climb.  Well, we sure found a big one!!  The views were unreal and there wasn’t another person in sight, aside from the people staring at us from the office buildings (it’s okay, we waved to them).  We had so much fun just being silly and taking pictures.  I might be the most awkward person in front of the camera.  It was so cool to see how Paige’s style and interaction behind the camera.  I definitely learned a few things from her.   She is in an inspiring young woman both behind the camera and in front of the camera.

Meet the beautiful Paige Overturf!
Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 02Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 10Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 09Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 21Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 11Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 13Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 20Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 06Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 19Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 14Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 27Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 15Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 25Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 03Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 08Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 12Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 01Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 23Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 07Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 22Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 26Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 16Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 24Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 17Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 04Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 18Paige - atlanta-portrait-session-photography 05