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Dual Card Slots & Backing Up Your Images


We were traveling to South Africa and I packed everything necessary to back up our images during our trip:

– Hard drive
– Laptop
– D3s (I took this camera because it has dual card slots and copies every image onto the second card…and, well, it’s just the best.)
– D700 (One of us shot with this camera the whole time – you know, you can never have too many back ups of back ups :)

Every day during the trip, I backed up all of our images taken that day onto our laptop and also onto the hard drive and in Dropbox…except the last day.  We woke up early that morning, explored South African wineries and took about a million more pictures.  I couldn’t back those up, because we went straight from exploring all day to boarding our flight that afternoon.

Well, on the 17 hour flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta, I left the camera turned on the entire time…through the heat, the cold, and the variations in air pressure for 17 straight hours.  We got home super late that night, so I waited until the morning to backup the last memory card from our trip.  It had to have been at least 24 hours since I forgot to turn the camera off…That morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee, sat down at my desk and eagerly placed that last memory card into the card reader.  What popped up on my screen in that moment made my heart skip a beat:

ERROR.  The file is corrupted and unreadable.  

Error, as in the card failed, as in I am never going to see those pictures ever again.  I tried various card readers, computers and cords.  Nothin’.

BUT THEN, I remembered my handy dandy dual card slot.  I removed the second card from my camera, placed it into the memory card reader and waited for my computer to recognize the device.  On the verge of a nervous breakdown, all I could think was “please, please, please, work!”  It finally did.  I was SO thankful to have this second card slot.  The images were all in jpeg.  I use the second card to backup all of the images in jpeg; I set the first card to capture all of the images in RAW.  So, no…it wasn’t exactly an ideal situation (but neither is having your memory card fail).  Most importantly, I had a back up of all our pictures taken on our last day in South Africa.  I didn’t care if they were all jpegs!

Before this, I’ve never had to use my second memory card to retrieve backup images, but I am so thankful for technology that allows us the opportunity just in case.  

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