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Family Travel Tips | Traveling with Your Baby | Diaper bag & suitcase checklists

I’m a big fan of list making.  I have to-do lists for my to-lists.  Seriously.  When we planned our first international trip with Kennedy, we felt overwhelmed thinking about everything to pack for her.  There are so many things to bring for a baby when you just go out to lunch or even Target.  Target vacations are wonderful, by the way!  You can go in for one thing and leave with 10 other items…none of which were even on your list.  The bathrooms are big and there are diaper changing stations!  You wouldn’t believe how many places don’t have diaper changing stations <ahem> Chipotle.  I digress…”Mommy Brain” is a real thing and wanders off frequently.  As such, I need lists.  Lists for Kennedy, the diaper bag, my personal things, to-do, and so on.  It seems never ending.

I spent a lot of time coming up with an organized list of items that we needed.  I didn’t want to pack anything that would take too much space or not be used.  More importantly, I didn’t want to forget something…I think I have a fear of being unprepared.  I ran through a typical day with Kennedy in my mind, thinking what we would need that would be very easily forgotten.  For example, a travel bottle brush and drying rack:  This was a life saver when we got to the hotel.  I don’t know how else we would’ve easily cleaned her bottles. We set up this amazing little drying rack and washed all of her bottles right in the sink.  I felt like super mom for thinking of this!  It was the best $14.99 I’ve ever spent.  And, don’t forget to bring some dish soap :)

This is everything I pack in her diaper bag & suitcase when we travel:  **I created printable copies (links below) to use for yourself :)

diaper bag checklist

I keep the list on Dropbox so that as I think of new things to add, I can easily view and edit it right on my phone.  I made printable copies of both my diaper bag checklist & my baby packing list.  Just click the links to download them and use them for yourself!  :)  I hope it’s helpful or at least gets you started on your own list.  I know it seems simple and you’re probably asking how I spent so much time on it.  But, I’m OCD and I’m a visual person – I actually need to see the list and plan it out.  Check out this amazing checklist that you can easily print out for yourselves, too.  It’s not for babies, but it’s great!!  Every trip is so different and you can easily get carried away with packing…list making helps a lot!

Packing list for travel with baby