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Family Travel Tips | What to Pack for Your Baby & Toddler for a Week at the Beach

Last week, I shared everything we packed in our carryon bags to keep our kids entertained for a 3-hour flight. Today, I’m listing all the items we packed in our checked baggage to the beach for them. From sleeping, entertainment, and dry foods, I researched and made lists (and more lists) for our trip. If this can help at least 1 person, then I’m happy!

*A lot of the items we brought were inflatable. They allowed us to pack more items and be more efficient with the space in our suitcases. Kids already need a lot of stuff! Untitled_8017Untitled_8010


Air mattress or inflatable crib rails for your toddler  /  Pack & play for your baby (check with the hotel, or place you are staying first. They may actually have one there!)  /  Sound machines (life saver on vacations…or anytime! New places have unfamiliar sounds and sometimes noisy guests; block it all out with a sound machine that has a white noise feature).


Huggies disposable swim diapers  /  Nageuret reusable swim diapers (we ended up using these the most)  /  Compact outdoor beach blanket  /  Inflatable (packable!) baby pool (works so well for the beach when you have a baby)  /  Packit freezable lunch bag  /  Beach toys  (Many places had beach toys already for kids. Call ahead to check! We didn’t and I wish we had. /  Swimming tube   /   Inflatable swim vest  /  Kiddie float (great for babies and it has a canopy for shade)  /  Water shoes  /   Sun protective swim hat  /   Babyganics sunscreen & bug spray (lots of it!)  /


We designated 1 checked bag for dry foods that wouldn’t go bad en route. We also packed containers of baby food and formula; I wasn’t sure where to find formula or if I could even find the same brand. I wasn’t about to test a new one for my baby’s sensitive tummy either. Everything on the islands is much more expensive, so if you can bring some of your own food you’ll save a lot of money and stress. We packed for snacks, lunch and easy dinners for the kids:

  • Mac & cheese (stove top and microwaveable – you can buy it for $1 here in the US. In the Caribbean, we saw it for $4 a box), squeezable food pouches, juice, cereal, crackers, granola bars, trail mix, baby formula, baby food, and last but definitely not least, Goldfish!!

Anything I missed? Let me know what you brought for your beach vacation! Would love to know what worked or didn’t work for you.

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