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There are endless activities for kids in downtown Boulder. From playgrounds at the Boulder Public Library and Chautauqua Park to short hikes and walks along the river, there are enough things to keep them busy for hours (and ready for bedtime)! I started running with a belt so that I could carry my phone and take pictures (like the ones below) on my trail runs. The views are incredible. The best surprise was finding these pink Peonies in our backyard! Look at how many there are!

There was a small mountain at Chautauqua Park called Kiddie Mountain. It was perfect because the kids really could climb it.

They kept hiking and exclaiming, “I’m brave” every time there was even the slightest slope.

We took an afternoon stroll to let all of their late afternoon crazy energy out. They were looking for the fuzzy llamas that live down the hill.

For parents trying to get through that witching, spending time outside always helps us! Whether it’s a bike ride, playground visit, or race through the trails, the outdoor air always helps everyone. Plus, it gets them nice and hungry before dinner. One of our favorite places to go is Davidson Mesa Loop Trail and Dog Park.

It’s a very flat, easy walk for small kids and the scenery is beautiful!